Clinque Acne Solutions

Clinique Acne Solutions

I tried Clinique Acne Solutions this past spring and had mixed results. The saleswoman was very informative, and I was confident that it would work well on my face. I used the product immediately and noticed results within 24 hours. My acne was much less red and obvious, and I didn’t develop any new pimples for about two to three weeks. My face was flawless. Unfortunately, the product had lost its effect on my skin and my acne returned to usual. However, I highly recommend this product to anyone with acne to see if it will work for you. It did for me, and I would still be using it today if it hadn’t stopped. It all depends on your skin type and if it will work for you. Just simply follow the instructions and I’m sure you will have good results for at least the first few weeks. Good luck!

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Proactiv Solution


Undeniably the most popular acne product, Proactiv Solution has been promoted by dozens of celebrities on infomercials for years.  

I tried this product for approximately four months, receiving all five components of the kit.  I followed the instructions exactly as directed, and began seeing results in one week.  My skin was nearly completely clear, but after three to four weeks, it had completely stopped working.  My breakouts were nearly worse than ever, and I resorted to spending over one hundred dollars to visit a dermatologist.  

She prescribed me a 10% benzoyl peroxide cream as well as a moisturizer.  I will explain my results with this in my next post.

Basically, my dermatologist simply said that Proactiv just works for some people, and some not.  It all depends on the type of skin the user has.  

I recommend Proactiv for someone with mild to lightly moderate acne, in addition to using the mask that comes with it one to two times per week.  Also, you should probably apply 10% benzoyl peroxide if you’re not seeing results within a few weeks of the first application.  I believe the cream that comes in the kit is just 5%, maybe lower.  

Good luck on your search for the best acne product!  Stay tuned to my blog and you will discover which products will work best for you.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.


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Welcome to Acne Reviews for Teens, a site dedicated to reviewing the latest acne products for teens.  

As a teen, I’ve struggled with acne since around the age of fourteen.  I’ve tried virtually dozens of products, and have finally developed the proper routine to control my breakouts.

In the following posts, you will learn how you can keep your acne under control.  

Stay tuned.

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